Into The Blackness : Review

Into the Blackness (The Blackness #4)
by Norma Jeanne Karlsson

Cease being everything you’re trained to be in order to find who you’re meant to be…with. 

Nick Cooper is many things in life. He’s a vicious enforcer for a crime family. He’s a monster that tortures with a smirk tattooed on his lips. He’s an olive-skinned god, mysterious and captivating. He’s the best undercover field agent in the Domestic Crime Agency. He’s my partner for the next year. I have to play his wife which will test my abilities as an agent. Nick isn’t the type of man I’m used to dealing with. He’ll push me, tempt me, hurt me and eventually end up on the business end of a weapon I’m wielding. This mission will change everything I’ve ever known about people and myself. I can only hope I’ll survive it.

Katherine Russell is many things in life. She’s a chameleon, able to change and adapt to any situation. She’s lethal…as lethal as me. She’s a golden-haired ray of sunshine. She’s the best field agent the Domestic Crime Agency has ever had. She’s my partner for the next year. No, she’s my wife. There are worse things in life than sharing a fake marital bed with a gorgeous woman for a year. Trust me. Kat’s more than a beautiful woman though, and I have the feeling she’s going to challenge me, battle me, infuriate me and test all the walls I’ve spent a lifetime building around myself. Our mission is to find and eliminate a human trafficking kingpin. It’ll be child’s play compared to the journey my new partner is going to take me on. If I can manage to shed the monster of my past I’ll no longer be pulled into the blackness. I’ll be able to bask in the light that glows from every pore of Katherine Russell.

If only it were that simple.

My Review
Nick has done a lot of bad things in his life. He has a darkness inside him that he can't let go of. His newest assignment is to bring down a human trafficking kingpin. He is going undercover with a fake wife. While he is the best Domestic Crime Agency undercover field agent, he is paired up with Katherine who is the best female field agent. This is the best undercover act they have had. She is used to playing a sexy woman who has to use her body to get close to a mark. He is used to being a dark person who has had to do horrible things to get what he needed. As they play as a married couple that part should be easy. However as they live together and get to know each other it's hard to keep it just an act. She may be the one woman who can bring him what he needs. He may be the best thing that every happened to her. Between the danger they face on the mission and mistakes he sometimes makes it may be to much for them to work out.

Nick has a lot of dark and danger lurking in him. he calls his self a monster and doesn't get to close to many people. He doesn't think he deserves anything good. He is tough, sexy and just doesn't see what is deep down inside him. What is deep down inside him is a man who will protect those he cares about. He has one close friend and he would move mountains for her. Kat is a amazing at playing a different person than who she is. She keeps her heart closed and this mission changes her. She let's Nick and others in. She isn't afraid of danger and like Nick if she loves you nothing will stand in her way of protecting you. 

This series has become one of my favorites along with the author who is a must buy for me. I have loved all the other books so far so I knew I would this one. I just didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I did. Kid is a female in the other books and she plays a part in this one as well. I didn't think any woman would ever top my love of her. I believe Kat did. She isn't as hardcore but when she takes in strays as some may call them that did it for me. She is so amazing and I think I have a crush on her now. She is the perfect woman for Nick and she mostly puts up with the crap he pulls. With Nick it was nice seeing him become more open. He learns what it is to care for someone and need them in his life. He has to see he isn't a monster and he deserves happiness. There is lots of danger in this book as in the others in this series. There is love, lust and what a family bond really is. the author is a master at making characters seem real and getting you to fall in love with them. At times reading this I felt like my heart was being ripped from my chest. I fell in love not with just the two main characters but four other new ones as well. I love how it all seems to come back around in the end and getting to see the characters I already know and love. I would tell and beg everyone to read this series. It has hard scenes so if your looking for fluff this book isn't for you. I can not wait for the next book.

5 out of 5 Stars

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