His Secret Superheroine : Review

His Secret Superheroine (St. Louis Superheroes #1)
by Patricia Eimer

All kindergarten teacher Peyton Pearson wants is a nice, quiet life. Unfortunately, quiet isn't something she's had a lot of after tainted medicine turns her into a superhero. She's single, and saving the city from criminals—which is increasingly dangerous as the anti-superhero movement in St. Louis gains traction. Then there's her hot next door neighbor who makes her think super-dirty thoughts, and has no idea who she really is. 

Police officer Dylan Wilson is trying to make the world safe by working to unmask all superheroes. When his sexy neighbor, Peyton, is evicted, Dylan offers her his spare room, unknowingly opening his home—and his heart—to the city's most reluctant superhero.

Can love survive when the masks come off?

My Review
Peyton never wanted to be a superhero. She just wanted a normal life as a teacher. thanks to a jerk ex husband her life is not what she thought it would be. She is hiding who she is from the world and especially her hot next door neighbor. Dylan likes Peyton and when she becomes homeless he offers her a place to stay. His daughter loves her and he likes her. What he doesn't know is she is one of the superheroes he wants to unmask. He is a member of the anti superheroes who want them all unmasked. As they begin to fall for each other danger rises up and Peyton as to reveal who she really is. Will love be enough to keep them together or will her being a superhero tear them apart.

Peyton is very sweet. She is a great teacher and loves kids. She also has a few self confidence issues and doesn't see her self as beautiful. I liked that as it made her seem normal. Dylan is a great dad and great cop. He does have faults like thinking all super heroes are bad or will become bad. He lumps them all together. At times he can seem awful but he does have his reasons. Both have problems with their exes.

I really enjoyed reading this. Peyton didn't want super powers and she hates having them at times. She has an ex that everyone thinks is great but she knows different. She constantly worries she may hurt someone with her powers not meaning to. I liked her a lot. Dylan I liked as well even if at times I wanted to smack him for being dumb. There is all kinds of action in tis book as it has heroes and villains. There is the love between Dylan and Peyton but they have so many things between them you wonder if it will ever work for them. Peyton shows many times how great a person she is in this book. I look forward to reading more in this series. If you want a great book about some super people try this one!

4 out of 5 Stars

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